The Most Popular Flowers

All flowers are popular in their own right depending on the use they’re intended for. No flower is left neglected especially when you’re making a flower arrangement. They’re all used in all aspect of the arrangement you intend to do based on the occasion the flowers are used.

However, no matter how important flowers in all occasions, there are some that shines over the others especially in their price value and the quality of their flowers. There are flowers that are short lived and long lasting. Others are low quality and high quality, some priced flowers intended for some special occasions used for dignitaries.

To give you some ideas regarding the popularity of flowers, I have researched the most popular flowers for your guidance.

1. Lily. This type of flower have a strong fragrance that is commonly used in sympathy tributes that’s why some people associate lily flowers with funerals. Though they have a strong fragrance some people don’t appreciate its scent especially those with allergies, while some people adore their strong fragrance. You’ll need to weigh those factors in when deciding whether or not to use lilies.

2. Rose. Rose is the most favorite flower because it symbolizes romance and it’s also edible. In every special occasions, roses are always used as decorative ornaments as the main decor for flower arrangement. Each rose color symbolizes different meaning, that’s why in every occasion you could always see a rose flower as a token.

3. Tulip. A perfect flower for people in love, this flower signify fame, charity and a perfect lover. When a  Chocolate bouquet guy is deadly in love with his woman, he would offer a red tulip to her arms to declare his undying love.

4. Orchids. Orchids is a well known flower that also signifies love, beauty and refinement. In China this flower is a symbol for children. It’s also an excellent ingredient in all kinds of flower arrangement in all occasions.

5. Sunflower. This flower is the favorite of home gardeners as an attractant for butterflies and honey bees because of its large size flowers, that easily catches the attention of friendly insects. Its seeds are also edible as a source for precious high quality oil. Sunflowers symbolizes loyalty and wishes.

6. Carnations. Carnation flowers are edible and has been used to make the French Liquor in the 17th century. It has different colors that symbolizes different meanings, but generally carnations is a sign of affection, health and strength.

7. Gardenia. Like roses, this flower also symbolizes love, so that when a man have a secret crush to a woman, he would send a gardenia flower to be recognized. Gardenia is a good combination with other flowers in forming a flower arrangement intended for all occasions.

8. Marigold. Marigold is a good companion crop in the garden because it’s considered as an insect repellent. It ward-off some destructive pests in the garden, since its flowers have an aroma that insect pests hates to smell. Besides being a popular garden flower marigold also signifies cruelty, grief, and jealousy. So, the next time you send a flower to your friend, be careful not include marigold, you might be losing a friend.

Happy gardening!

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