A New Concept For the Bathroom – The Steam Shower

Over the last decade the bathroom has become one of the most popular rooms to be renovated and transformed throughout the home. This has, in turn, led to the abundance of bathroom fixtures and fittings offered within our market place. Although there is such a large amount of products offered, the steam shower has become one of the most desirable items for the home owner.

The steam shower is a relatively new concept. However, the introduction of steam has been renowned for years for its health and rejuvenating properties. Due to the benefits offered by steam, manufacturers decided to integrate a self contained shower enclosures with a wide range of facilities. These included a steam generator, body massage and foot massage systems, overhead monsoon shower, and chromo therapy lighting. Furthermore, these showers have high tech features such as televisions, radio, telephone and much more. Each system is built with the user in mind: from simple walk in shower cubicles to the shower cubicles combined with whirlpool bathtubs. This allows everyone from the young to the old to have the ability to enjoy the benefits of the steam shower.

These revolutionary systems now allow people the opportunity to indulge within a relaxing steam shower or enjoy the massaging and soothing effects created freeaccounts from the body jets. Many years ago you would have had to visit your local gym or spa to enjoy these sorts of health benefits but now for the cost of a new shower unit you can purchase one of the latest steam showers for your bathroom.

Each of the steam cabins come flat packed which alleviates the problem of struggling to get it in your home and in to your bathroom. They come in with four separate containers and are then easily assembled within the confines of your bathroom. They are simply plugged in to your hot and cold water feed and plugged directly in to your mains and away you go!

Not only does the steam unit add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, it can also increase the sale ability of your home. Each steam shower comes with its own unique options and includes the follow:

-Foot and Calf Massager

-Hydro Back Massage

-Overhead Monsoon Shower

-Handheld Shower

-Steam Generator

-Chromo Therapy Lighting

-Ozone Sterilization

-CD/MP3/iPod Connect ability

-Hands Free Telephone

-Computerized Remote Controls

-FM Radio Stereo


-Shelf & Mirror

If you also like to indulge within a bath alongside of taking an occasional shower then you can choose from the steam shower bath. This shower comes with all the refinements of the steam shower, combined with the latest in whirlpool bath technology. This then provides you with a confusing decision do you enjoy the massage and soothing effect of the whirlpool bath or the relaxing sensation of a monsoon shower – the choice is yours!

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