Velo Bound Document

Velo bound documents are most commonly used when you need a document’s binding to be extra strong. Velo bound documents are also used when the document is a different size, usually longer, than most standard printed documents. It is a inexpensive and practical choice for many different business documents. Many people also choose to print with velo bound documents because of the visual aesthetic of the binding. It looks very similar to a book binding and in many cases this can improve the appearance of your business document when compared to a 3-ring binder or spiral binding.

Velo bound documents are typically used in business documents such as: manuals, booklets, reports, proposals, catalogs and presentations. alphabuildersanddevelopers Velo binding is usually used for its extra strength and lower price, two aspects rarely associated with marketing. However, for certain types of marketing documents this could be exactly what is required.

There are many printing options available to a business seeking to print business documents with a velo binding, both online printing options and in store options. While there are only so many physical shops in your area, you have access to every online printing company via the internet. Be sure to visit the website of any online company to be sure they have what you need.

Although velo bound documents are primarily used for business documents and not marketing documents, and appearance is usually more important for marketing documents, high-quality printing is still a must. No matter how you decide to print, make sure they print with high quality products. Go in to the local shop before hand, or for online printing request a sample guide from the company before you print any documents with velo binding. ( is an online printer specializing in bound documents. produces both business documents and marketing documents. For more information about Velo Bound Document Printing, or to start printing go to Mimeo’s Velo information page

Velo binding is used in libraries, legal firms and corporate offices. It is generally used to bind Research Report, presentations, legal documents, booklets, etc. It provides both speed and variety to your work in home or office.

How Velo binding works

The document is placed between two plastic covers and inserted into binding machine. After that pressure bar is lowered for punching. After that a plastic strip is inserted into punched holes to bind the documents. You can also use pre punched paper to save your time.



  • Covers are available in plenty of colors.
  • It is perfect for binding odd sized documents. It can bind A2, A3, A4 papers easily.
  • The strips are editable. You can easily remove them using the cutting tools.


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