Different Types of Book Binding

Book binding is a process where you assemble the sheets of papers together and attach it with different book covers. If you are a book lover and often visit bookstores as well as libraries, notice the bind on every book. They are done differently. Here is a list and descriptions of some of the most popular and interesting types of book binding.

Hardcover binding

As the name suggests, this type of binding includes a hard external cover. They are enclosed with different materials like cloth, leather, or textured paper. They are extremely popular and perfect for important presentations, dissertations, publishing, yearbooks, and photo albums. If bound with superior quality material, your book cover will certainly last for a much longer period of time.

Comb binding

Just like ordinary combs, this type of bind is very similar in appearance. Medicalcannabis-shop Since they come in several colors, you have the opportunity to select them as per the theme and other features of the books. Moreover, they allow your book pages to lie down flat open. However, the drawback of this binding is that it is more prone to damage and can be an expensive option.

Spiral binding

Spiral binding, also known as the coil binding, is one of the most common and popular options in binding. The process involves using plastic coils and wires to hold the papers together. These coils range from ΒΌ” to 2″ in diameter and bind books that are up to 24″ in length. With the aid of these coils, you are allowed to open up the book papers flat. They can be ideal options to make calendars, notebook or the personal diaries. The only thing that you should be concern of is to handle them with care as there are high chances where the spirals may get crushed.

Perfect binding

When it comes to perfect binding, you can consider it as the most durable way to produce a book. Unlike any other options, this binding does not include any stitches; instead it is exclusively cement binding. Perfect binding has many names such as adhesive binding, unsewn binding, as well as paperback books.

Tape binding

You must have seen the books that appear as if bound with adhesive tape or some cloth strips, which are nothing but the tape bound books. These are one of the kinds that are usually used for the children’s notebook.

Velo binding

Have you noticed the huge designer personal diaries or something that professionals use for their documents? Well, these are products of velo binding and are able to resist any scratches as well as discoloration. They play a vital role in keeping your books looking brand new all the time.

Twin loop wire binding

Similar to fantastic spiral binding, is the twin loop wire binding. They are perfect to hold the pages of the notebooks together very well. They are extremely durable and allow you to open the pages flat.

All the above binding options will help you to understand the binding process and get the job done as per your requirements.

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