Different Types of Book Binding

Book binding is a process where you assemble the sheets of papers together and attach it with different book covers. If you are a book lover and often visit bookstores as well as libraries, notice the bind on every book. They are done differently. Here is a list and descriptions of some of the most popular and interesting types of book binding.

Hardcover binding

As the name suggests, this type of binding includes a hard external cover. They are enclosed with different materials like cloth, leather, or textured paper. They are extremely popular and perfect for important presentations, dissertations, publishing, yearbooks, and photo albums. If bound with superior quality material, your book cover will certainly last for a much longer period of time.

Comb binding

Just like ordinary combs, this type of bind is very similar in appearance. Medicalcannabis-shop Since they come in several colors, you have the opportunity to select them as per the theme and other features of the books. Moreover, they allow your book pages to lie down flat open. However, the drawback of this binding is that it is more prone to damage and can be an expensive option.

Spiral binding

Spiral binding, also known as the coil binding, is one of the most common and popular options in binding. The process involves using plastic coils and wires to hold the papers together. These coils range from ¼” to 2″ in diameter and bind books that are up to 24″ in length. With the aid of these coils, you are allowed to open up the book papers flat. They can be ideal options to make calendars, notebook or the personal diaries. The only thing that you should be concern of is to handle them with care as there are high chances where the spirals may get crushed.

Perfect binding

When it comes to perfect binding, you can consider it as the most durable way to produce a book. Unlike any other options, this binding does not include any stitches; instead it is exclusively cement binding. Perfect binding has many names such as adhesive binding, unsewn binding, as well as paperback books.

Tape binding

You must have seen the books that appear as if bound with adhesive tape or some cloth strips, which are nothing but the tape bound books. These are one of the kinds that are usually used for the children’s notebook.

Velo binding

Have you noticed the huge designer personal diaries or something that professionals use for their documents? Well, these are products of velo binding and are able to resist any scratches as well as discoloration. They play a vital role in keeping your books looking brand new all the time.

Twin loop wire binding

Similar to fantastic spiral binding, is the twin loop wire binding. They are perfect to hold the pages of the notebooks together very well. They are extremely durable and allow you to open the pages flat.

All the above binding options will help you to understand the binding process and get the job done as per your requirements.

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Velo Bound Document

Velo bound documents are most commonly used when you need a document’s binding to be extra strong. Velo bound documents are also used when the document is a different size, usually longer, than most standard printed documents. It is a inexpensive and practical choice for many different business documents. Many people also choose to print with velo bound documents because of the visual aesthetic of the binding. It looks very similar to a book binding and in many cases this can improve the appearance of your business document when compared to a 3-ring binder or spiral binding.

Velo bound documents are typically used in business documents such as: manuals, booklets, reports, proposals, catalogs and presentations. alphabuildersanddevelopers Velo binding is usually used for its extra strength and lower price, two aspects rarely associated with marketing. However, for certain types of marketing documents this could be exactly what is required.

There are many printing options available to a business seeking to print business documents with a velo binding, both online printing options and in store options. While there are only so many physical shops in your area, you have access to every online printing company via the internet. Be sure to visit the website of any online company to be sure they have what you need.

Although velo bound documents are primarily used for business documents and not marketing documents, and appearance is usually more important for marketing documents, high-quality printing is still a must. No matter how you decide to print, make sure they print with high quality products. Go in to the local shop before hand, or for online printing request a sample guide from the company before you print any documents with velo binding. ( is an online printer specializing in bound documents. produces both business documents and marketing documents. For more information about Velo Bound Document Printing, or to start printing go to Mimeo’s Velo information page

Velo binding is used in libraries, legal firms and corporate offices. It is generally used to bind Research Report, presentations, legal documents, booklets, etc. It provides both speed and variety to your work in home or office.

How Velo binding works

The document is placed between two plastic covers and inserted into binding machine. After that pressure bar is lowered for punching. After that a plastic strip is inserted into punched holes to bind the documents. You can also use pre punched paper to save your time.



  • Covers are available in plenty of colors.
  • It is perfect for binding odd sized documents. It can bind A2, A3, A4 papers easily.
  • The strips are editable. You can easily remove them using the cutting tools.



Health and Wellness Are About Embracing Your Life

Health and wellness are a lifestyle choice, not a diet, but to achieve it, you need to make a decision to change the way you look at yourself in every moment: who you think you are, your place in this world, and how you choose to take care of yourself. The choices you make about health and wellness are likely to be some of the most important decisions in your life. The three basic components of health and wellness are education, prevention and intervention. Health and wellness are key elements in the full experience of happiness. Wellness, on the other hand, is defined as the overall process of maintaining a general state of good health.


We all want to live long healthy lives, but at times, don’t take care of ourselves like we need to. It is important to remember the role of natural healing, whole nutrition, complementary and alternative therapies, and ancient practices that have been helping people achieve greater physical and mental health for centuries. Healthy   are most effective when  for a lifetime. Health, wellness, and fitness are influenced by the  of our population. Physical activity is critical to the development and maintenance of good health. Good physical fitness is important, but it is not the same as physical health and wellness.


Every moment is an opportunity for you to enjoy living when you choose health and wellness through fitness in harmony with the life you currently live. By learning to develop sustainable fitness habits you can fully enjoy your life. Now more than ever people are in need of professional guidance toward improved fitness and health. With hundreds of fitness and recreation opportunities offered around the city, you’re guaranteed to find a place you belong. You can exercise in the privacy of your own home with a fitness program suited for you. The health-related components of physical fitness are directly associated with good health.


Without the right nutrition and lifestyle, which are “good” choices, our bodies age faster and become weakened and diseased. Nutrition is the basic, essential process of nourishing or being nourished, especially the process through which a living body assimilates food and uses it for growth and for replacement of tissues. Nutrition is in fact one of the cornerstones of good health for all. Nutrition is an important consideration regardless of age but choosing vitamins and minerals for kids is especially important as they are still growing.


In addition to a healthy diet, many healthcare providers will encourage supplements to increase the probability that you get all the nutrients you need. Supplements not only help the body physically to heal, but the proper supplements can change your emotional well-being. Whether a person is looking to balance their diet with the right nutrition content, they’re interested in adopting a smart, but healthy low   meal plan or they want to add nutritional supplements into their everyday routine, there are good ways to go about those prospects and bad ones. Following suggested use for diets and nutritional supplements can result in great benefits for the body and overall health. Plus, there are wonderful nutrition vitamins and nutritional supplements that can fill in where diet falls short.


Good health and wellness are not a luxury but an essential for people everywhere to reach their life’s potential. The secrets to health and wellness are simple: good life style and wholesome diet choices; sufficient rest, exercise, and good water; conscientiously your faith; and spending time with friends and family who love and support you in healthy ways.


Passage to Elephant Island (A Short Story – In English and German)


By morning Ernest Montgomery from, Dothan, Alabama had decided to lay off the sighting onboard the cruise ship, last he remembered the ship was somewhere between the Falkland Islands, and the South Shetland Islands, to be exact, he’d soon find out, they were docked momentarily off the north shores of Elephant Island. Ernest had been getting tired of the trip, if not bored, from: Buenos Aires, Port Stanley, around Cape Horn, Chile, docking at Ushuaia, Argentina for eight hours, the principle reason for taking the cruise was to make his life more exciting, and he wanted to be around young women, he was forty-five years old, siestio freshly divorced, and he was discovering, the longer the trip, the older the clientele-it was a fifteen-day trip, and there was only a few stray women, and they were bitchy and older than him by twenty-years plus.

With nothing to do but complain, Ernest decided to get as drunk as scotch whiskey would make him. He found a nice corner in the bar and by mid-morning two pints had been consumed. The remainder of the morning he spent on deck looking at an odd island, everyone called “Elephant,” and some called “Hell-of-an-Island.”

He went back into the bar bought another pint of scotch whiskey. And he went back out to the deck; the wind was white and raw. Then he heard a voice over the ship’s microphone system, it was the Captain, “Elephant Island,” said the Captain, “is 779-miles West-southwest of South Georgia, and 581-miles from the south of the Falkland Islands, and 550-miles southeast of Cape Horn, and we are now thirty miles in front of it.” Then he heard him say, “Excursions, those who want to go to the Island meet at…” and then he stopped hearing, and saw a blond, pathetically he followed her to where folks were signing up to take the excursion, he had missed her among the 1950-passengers, perhaps near thirtieth (he simply put an X for his name, he was too drunk to do otherwise). He wiped his hands over his face as if to wake up, “What’s the matter?” said the young woman, the very one he was attempting to pursue, his face wet and appearing as if he had been crying, but of course he hadn’t been; and now the ship was even closer to the island.

She pulled the scarf out of the way from her face, standing in line waiting to board the small craft and getting her lifejacket, putting it on, and clamping the two clamps together, readying to go to the island, Ernest really not too aware of anything, just in heat over this young damsel, did likewise-a monkey see monkey do, kind of thing.

“Nothing’s wrong kid,” he said sharply, “why did something go wrong?” he questioned.

The girl turned her back, she was hurt, and seemingly one could hear a few sniffles, as if they were sighs.

“Say what’s the matter with you anyway?” he asked the girl, “you nuts or something? Let’s get out of here and go to my room instead of this stupid island! Say!” but she never turned around again, and so Ernest simply put on his lifejacket, as did the fifteen other people getting into the small zodiac-boat-although he hesitated, thinking, perhaps thinking why waste my time on this stuck-up female, but before he could deliberate it any further-or completely, they were on their way to the area where Shackleton had made his campsite, in 1916, along with twenty-two of his companions-to Point Wild.

The closer the inflated zodiac vessel got to the island, the more inhospitable it looked to Earnest, “Say,” said the young lady, the very one Earnest had tried to pick up, “are you soused?”

“No, I’m as sober as a dead rat, what’s it to you lady?” said Earnest. It was as if she was trying to rekindle the candle-figuratively speaking, the one he had lit, and rudely blew out.

“That’s right,” he said, “hell, I’m sober enough to swim to the island,” and she laughed, and for once, Ernest took that serious look off his face and laughed with her. But the fact was, and the fact remained, he was nearly soused, and saw only blurs of her, and blurs of the island, but he hid most of those drunken mannerisms somehow.

(On the Antarctic Island called Elephant-at Point Wild, a plateau area residing next to a mountain on the northern coast) “Well,” said Earnest, he pulled out a cigarette, sucking deeply on it, walking a distance away from the group, to pull out his pint and have a drink-and he’d end up drinking the whole pint behind those dark wet granite walls; the young woman by the name of Pilar, took no notice in where he went, and the rest of the group, didn’t even know he existed-and on the official paper, the one he was suppose to sign getting onto the vessel for the excursion, he had simply placed a smeared X, one that looked more like a mistake, than a name, and there he sat on what might have been a hidden corner where Shackleton himself sat, smoking and drinking, and then he passed out.

“Well, I-say, folks let’s board the zodiac-craft and head on back to the ship,” said the young navigator, in charge of the excursion. As they neared the ship, Pilar began to look about for Ernest, said to the man sitting next to her, “Say, where’s that man that I was talking to before, do you know who I mean?” Not know his name. And the man pointed to someone at the other end of the vessel, who was seasick, and had his head in his palms and his elbows on his knees-who could have been anybody, and the young woman thinking he was still drunk, simply said “Oh, the stinking drunk. I started to take a liking for him.” And left well enough alone, thinking no more of it.

The ship now was at sea, heading for Paradise Bay, Earnest Montgomery, on the island, alone, just waking up. It was pretty cold, and he was having a hell of a time trying to focus his eyes, he dashed out from behind the rocks, and noticed the ship was gone.

“How in hell can I get…!” he said. And there he stood thinking, “She was so crazy about getting my attention, she’ll tell the captain and they’ll come back.” Then after a long while still standing waiting to see the ship return, he mumbled, “I reckon that cutie likes me, why didn’t she come across quicker, she perhaps…how in the hell can I get out!”

He looked about-up and down the ice-covered mountainous island (it’s tallest peak, nearly three-thousand feet), elephant seals were observing him from afar; other than that, there was no significant flora or native fauna, just a few penguins and seals found moseying about Point Wild and its coast, and a fog and snow was coming in… he knew he didn’t have a high cold threshold nor an extreme weather tolerance, and there was no ship in sight, and his pint of whiskey was empty, and he lit his last cigarette staring out into the sea, waiting, just waiting, continuously waiting, bored to death, and nearly frozen to death-not believing he was marooned on an island no more then ten by two kilometers east to west in the Antarctic waters-waiting, just waiting for the ship to return-continuously waiting, and bored to death…

No: 609/3-28-201

German Version

Bis zum Morgen Ernest Montgomery von, hatte Dothan, Alabama sich entschieden, das Anvisieren an Bord des Kreuzschiffs abzulegen, an Letztes, das er sich erinnerte, dass das Schiff irgendwo zwischen den Falklandinseln war und die Südshetland-Inseln, genau zu sein, er bald, sie wurden angekoppelt kurzzeitig weg von den Nordufern von Elefant-Insel herausfinden würden. Ernest hatte ermüdete von der Reise erhalten, wenn Sie, nicht von gebohrt werden: Buenos Aires, Portstanley, um Kap-Horn, Chile, ankoppelnd bei Ushuaia, Argentinien acht Stunden lang, der Grundregelgrund für das Nehmen der Kreuzfahrt war, sein Leben aufregender zu bilden, und er wollte um junge Frauen sein, war er fünfundvierzig Jahre alt, frisch geschieden, und er entdeckte, das länger die Reise, älter war Kundschaft-es eine fifteen-day Reise, und es gab nur einige Streufrauen, und sie waren gehässig und älter als er bis zum Zwanzigjahren plus. Mit nichts zu tun aber sich zu beschweren, entschied sich Ernest, so betrunken zu erhalten, wie schottischer Whisky ihn bilden würde. Er fand, dass eine nette Ecke im Stab und bis zum Vormittag zwei halbe Liter verbraucht worden war. Der Rest des Morgens, den er auf der Plattform verbrachte, die eine ungerade Insel betrachtet, des jeder benannter “Elefant,” und des einiges benannte “Hölle-von-ein-Insel.” Er ging zurück in den gekauften Stab ein anderes halbes Liter schottischer Whisky. Und er ging ausweicht zur Plattform; der Wind war weiß und roh. Dann hörte er eine Stimme über dem Mikrofonsystem des Schiffs, war es der Kapitän, “Elefant-Insel,” sagte den Kapitän, “ist 779 Meilen Westen-Südwesten von Südgeorgia und 581 Meilen vom Süden der Falklandinseln und 550 Meilen Südosten des Kap-Horns, und wir sind jetzt dreißig Meilen vor ihm.” Dann hörte er ihn zu sagen, “Exkursionen, die, denen gehen möchten zum Inseltreffen an…”und dann stoppte er zu hören und sah ein blondes, pathetisch er folgte ihr zu, wo Völker sich anmeldeten, um die Exkursion zu nehmen, er hatte verfehlt sie unter den 1950 Passagieren, möglicherweise nahe dreißigstem (er setzte einfach ein X für seinen Namen, er wurde getrunken auch, um anders zu tun). Er wischte seins überreicht sein Gesicht ab, als ob aufwachen, “, was ist die Angelegenheit?” sagte die junge Frau, sehr, die er versuchte auszuüben, seine das nasse und scheinende Gesicht, als ob er geschrieen hatte, aber selbstverständlich er nicht gewesen war; und jetzt war das Schiff sogar näeher an der Insel. Sie zog den Schal, der von ihrem Gesicht schwer zugänglich ist und stand in der Linie, die wartet, um die kleine Fertigkeit zu verschalen und das Erhalten ihrer Schwimmweste, sie an setzen und die zwei Klemmplatten zusammen festklemmen, vorbereitend, um zur Insel, Ernest wirklich zu gehen nicht zu bewusst allem, gerade in der Hitze über dieser jungen Maid, taten likewise-a Affen sehen, dass Affe, Art der Sache tun. “Nichts ist falsches Kind,” er, sagte scharf, “, warum tat etwas gehen falsch?” er fragte. Das Mädchen drehte sie zurück, war sie Schmerzen, und scheinbar man könnte einige sniffles hören, als ob sie Seufzer waren. “Sagen Sie, was ist die Angelegenheit mit Ihnen irgendwie?” er fragte das Mädchen, “Sie Nüsse oder etwas? Lassen Sie uns hier verlassen und zu meinem Raum anstelle von dieser dummen Insel gehen! Sagen Sie!” aber sie drehte nie sich herum wieder und also setzte Ernest einfach an seine Schwimmweste, wie die fünfzehn anderen Leute taten, die in das kleine kommen, Tierkreis-Boot-obgleich er zögerte und dachten und möglicherweise warum Abfall meine Zeit auf dieser stuck-up Frau, aber bevor er dachten, konnten ihn irgendwie weiter-oder vollständig überlegen, waren sie auf ihrer Weise zum Bereich, in dem Shackleton seinen Campingplatz, 1916 gebildet hatte, zusammen mit zweiundzwanzig von seinem Begleiter-zum wilden Punkt. Nah aufgeblasen Tierkreis Behälter erhielt zu Insel, mehr unwirtlich es schaute zu ernsthaft, “sagen Sie,” sagte die junge Dame, sehr ernsthaft hatte versucht, aufzuheben, “sind Sie soused?” “Nr., bin ich so nüchtern wie eine tote Ratte, was ist es zu Ihnen Dame?” besagtes ernsthaftes. Es war, als ob sie versuchte, die Kerze-bildlich sprechend wieder anzuzünden, die, die er beleuchtet hatte und brannte unhöflich heraus durch. “Das recht ist,” sagte er, “Hölle, bin ich genug nüchtern, zur Insel,” und zu ihr zu schwimmen lachte, und für einmal, nahm Ernest, dass ernst weg von seinem Gesicht und mit ihr gelacht schauen Sie. Aber die Tatsache war und die Tatsache blieb, soused er fast und sah nur Unschärfen von ihr und Unschärfen der Insel, aber er versteckte die meisten jenem betrunkenen Manierismus irgendwie. (Auf der antarktischen Insel benannte Elefant-am Punkt wild, an einem Hochebenebereich, der nahe bei einem Berg auf der Nordküste liegt), “gut,” sagte ernsthaftes, zog sog er eine Zigarette aus und tief auf ihr und ging ein Abstand weg von der Gruppe, um sein halbes Liter auszuziehen und a trinken-und ihn zu haben würde das vollständige halbe Liter hinter jenen dunklen nassen Granitwänden oben trinken beenden; die junge Frau durch den Namen von Pilar, nahm keine Nachricht in, der er ging, und den Rest der Gruppe, nicht sogar kannte ihn existieren-und auf dem amtlichen Papier, das war er annimmt, um das Erhalten auf den Behälter für die Exkursion zu unterzeichnen, er hatte gesetzt einfach ein geschmiertes X, eins, das eher wie einen Fehler schaute, als ein Name, und dort saß er auf, was eine versteckte Ecke gewesen sein konnte, in der Shackleton selbst saß und rauchen und trinken und dann er heraus überschritt. “Gut, Ich-sagen Sie, ließen Völker uns die Tierkreisfertigkeit verschalen und Kopf an zurück zu dem Schiff,”, sagte den jungen Nautiker, verantwortlich für die Exkursion. Da sie dem Schiff sich näherten, Pilar fing an, nach Ernest ungefähr zu suchen, sagte zum Mann, der nahe bei ihr sitzt, “sagen Sie, wo dieser Mann ist, dem ich mit vor sprach, Sie wissen, wem ich bedeute?” Seinen Namen nicht kennen. Und der Mann zeigte auf jemand am anderen Ende des Behälters, der seekrank war, und hatte seinen Kopf in seinen Palmen und in seinen Winkelstücken auf seinem, Knie-das jedes gewesen sein könnte, und die junge Frau denkend, das er noch getrunken wurde, einfach gesagt “oh, das Stinken getrunken. Ich begann, ein Mögen für ihn zu nehmen.” Und genügend allein gut gelassen, no more an es denkend. Das Schiff war jetzt in dem Meer und ging für Paradies-Bucht, ernsthaftes Montgomery, auf der Insel alleine voran, gerade wachte auf. Es war recht kalt und er hatte eine Zeit zu versuchen, seine Augen zu fokussieren, stürzte er heraus von hinten die Felsen und beachtete, dass das Schiff gegangen wurde. “Wie in der Hölle ich erhalten kann…!” er sagte. Und dort stand er denkend, “sie war also verrückt über das Erhalten meiner Aufmerksamkeit, erklärt sie dem Kapitän und sie kommen.” zurück Dann nach langen wann wartend noch stehend, um die Schiffsrückkehr zu sehen, murmelte er, “ich berechne, dass cutie mich mag, warum nicht sie tat, stoßen Sie schneller, sie möglicherweise… zufällig, wie ich hinausgehen kann!” Er schaute über-oben und hinunter die ice-covered Gebirgsinsel (sie ist höchste Spitze, fast three-thousand Fuß), beobachteten Seelefanten ihn von fern; anders als das gab es keine bedeutende Flora, oder gebürtige Fauna, gerade einige Pinguine und Dichtungen fanden moseying über Punkt wild und seine Küste, und ein Nebel und ein Schnee kamen in… ihn wussten, dass er nicht eine hohe kalte Schwelle noch eine extreme Wettertoleranz hatte und es kein Schiff im Anblick gab und sein halbes Liter Whisky leer war und er seine letzte Zigarette anstarrend heraus in das Meer, die Aufwartung beleuchtete und gerade, ununterbrochen warten wartete, gebohrt zum Tod, und zum Tod-nicht fast eingefroren, glaubend, das er auf einer Insel dann 10 durch zwei Kilometer Ost-West ausgesetzt wurde in der antarktischen Wasser-Aufwartung das Schiff gerade wartend bringenSie die Aufwartung zurück, und gebohrt zum Tod…


Small Business Health Insurance – An Employer’s Guide to Getting Small Business Health Insurance

Saving on                             your small business health insurance can be a challenge. But there are ways to overcome the financial obstacles and get the coverage necessary for your business. There are two major benefits of employer-based coverage. First these plans, although expensive, usually carry the best all around protection for you and your employees. Second, providing benefits plays a key role in attracting and retaining quality employees.

Why is coverage for small businesses so much more than for large corporations?

Health insurance for small businesses cost so much because of the high quality coverage concentrated among a small group of people. Every individual within the group represents a different level of financial risk to an insurance company, and this risk is added up and spread out among the group. Large corporations pay considerably less because the risk is spread to such a large group, where small business owners can see unreasonably high increases in premiums due to one or two members. Small businesses also have to insure their employees under state mandates, which can require the policies to cover some specific health conditions and treatments. Large corporations’ policies are under federal law, usually self-insured, and with fewer mandated benefits. The   Act of 1974 officially exempted self-funded insurance policies from state mandates, lessening the financial burdens of larger firms.

Isn’t the Health Care Reform Bill going to fix this?

This remains to be seen. There will be benefits for small business owners in the form of insurance exchanges, pools, tax credits, subsidies etc. But you can’t rely on a bill that is still in the works, and you can’t wait for a bill where the policies set forth won’t take effect until about 2013. Additionally, the bill will help you with costs, but still won’t prevent those costs from continually rising. You, as a business owner, will need to be fully aware of what you can do to maintain your bottom line.

What can I do?

First you need to understand the plan options out there. So here they are.


A preferred provider option   is a plan where your insurance provider uses a network of doctors and specialists. Whoever provides your care will file the claim with your insurance provider, and you pay the co-pay.

Who am I allowed to visit?

Your provider will cover any visit to a doctor or specialist within their network. Any care you seek outside the network will not be covered. Unlike an HMO, you don’t have to get your chosen doctor registered or approved by your   provider. To find out which doctors are in your network, simply ask your doctor’s office or visit your insurance company’s website.

Where Can I Get it?

Most providers offer it as an option in your plan. Your employees will have the option to get it when they sign their employment paperwork. They generally decide on their elections during the open period, because altering the plan after this time period won’t be easy.

And Finally, What Does It Cover?

Any basic office visit, within the network that is, will be covered under the insurance. There will be the standard co-pay, and dependent upon your particular plan, other types of care may be covered. The reimbursement for emergency room visits generally range from sixty to seventy percent of the total costs. And if it is necessary for you to be   there could be a change in the reimbursement. Visits to specialists will be covered, but you will need a referral from your doctor, and the specialist must be within the network.

A  is an expensive, yet flexible option for your small business health insurance. It provides great coverage though, and you should inquire with your provider to find out how you can reduce the costs.

HMO (Health Maintenance

Health Maintenance  are the most popular small business health insurance plans. Under an HMO plan you will have to register your primary care physician, as well as any referred specialists and physicians. Plan participants are free to choose specialists and medical groups as long as they are covered under the plan. And because   are geographically driven, the options may be limited outside of a specific area.

Health maintenance  help to contain employer’s costs by using a wide variety of prevention methods like wellness programs, nurse hotlines, physicals, and baby-care to name a few. Placing a heavy emphasis on prevention cuts costs by stopping unnecessary visits and medical procedures.

When someone does fall ill, however, the insurance provider manages care by working with health care providers to figure out what procedures are necessary. Usually a patient will be required to have certification for surgical procedures that aren’t considered essential, or that may be harmful.

are less expensive than   and this preventative approach to health care theoretically does keep costs down. The downside, however, is that employees may not pursue help when it is needed for fear of denial. That aside, it is a popular and affordable plan for your small business health insurance.

(Point of Service)

A Point of Service plan is a managed care insurance similar to both an HMO and a   plans require members to pick a primary health care provider. In order to get reimbursed for out-of-network visits, you will need to have a referral from the primary provider. If you don’t, however, your reimbursement for the visit could be substantially less. Out-of-network visits will also require you to handle the paperwork, meaning submit the claim to the insurance provider.

provide more freedom and flexibility than  But this increased freedom results in higher premiums. Also, this type of plan can put a strain on employee finances when non-network visits start to pile up. Assess your needs and weigh all your options before making a decision.


An Exclusive Provider  Plan is another network-based managed care plan. Members of this plan must choose from a health care provider within the network, but exceptions can be made due to medical emergencies. Like   focus on preventative care and healthy living. And price wise, they fall between

The differences between an  and the other two  plans are small, but important. While certain HMO and   plans offer reimbursement for out-of-network usage, an  does not allow its members to file a claim for doctor visits out its network.   plans are more restrictive in this respect, but are also able to negotiate lower fees by guaranteeing health care providers that it’s members will use in-network doctors. These plans are also negotiated on a fee-for-services basis, whereas  are on a per-person basis.



The Fabulous 50-50 Fundraiser

The 50-50 raffle is probably the most popular of all fund-raising programs and the easiest to accomplish. It can be run at every event of your organization and only needs a supply of double roll tickets. The idea is to sell tickets at a range, Usually 1 for a dollar, 3 for two dollars and 10 for five dollars. A ticket is drawn at the end of the event or meeting and the prize is one half of the total monies collected, with the other half going to the organization. There are several variations which can be considered. They ultimately provide more funds and add excitement to the program. A deck of cards is needed for these variations.

The JACKPOT version divides joker123 the funds up into thirds, with the winner receiving one third of the pot each time the 50-50 is done. In one version the winner can keep his winnings or draw a card for the jackpot. After a card is drawn it is discarded, so the odds go down each time a card is drawn. The jackpot pays out when the player draws the lucky card, usually the ace of spades, though other cards can be used as a winner. The jackpot consists of one third of all the cumulative funds collected. In the early going most will keep the funds, but as the jackpot grows from event to event, a winner may try for the jackpot and the third remains with the organization.

In The JOKER version, the winner usually keeps the smaller winnings and gets to pull a card for the Jackpot, but if he pulls a Joker out of the deck, the winner must return his winnings. While each card is removed from the deck as pulled, the Jokers are always returned to the deck, so as time goes on, the Jackpot grows, but the winners have a greater chance of losing their winnings. Both of these versions provide greater earnings potential, as the players become more excited and contribute more as the jackpot grows.

In the JACKPOT version the odds of a jackpot paying out is once in 26 times, and the JOKER Version the jackpot pays out more slowly. I have seen the JOKER and JACKPOT versions grow to the low four figures in a thirty member Rotary Club. Each week tickets are sold for raffle. Instead of a cash prize, the winner can pick a card from the deck. As in the JACKPOT version mentioned above, if the card is not a winner it is destroyed. This version keeps building the cash prize until the winning card is drawn. It is possible that only the last card is the winner.

The FINAL CARD version is another way to play, if It gets down to the last card, then a new deck is added and now you have two winning cards. When the first one is drawn the winner gets on half of the pot.

Still another version called ACES, uses the joker as the winner. However when one of the four aces are drawn the winner receives that weeks earnings, as a prize. This version has more winning chances for a cash payout and may be more favorable for an organization.

Stanley Cahn is a former professional fundraiser who provides information on money making fund-raising ideas on his blog []

The blog is designed to help church groups, civic clubs, and school organizations raise money for their activities.


Writing Tip: The Joker’s Genius

DJ Wild (Deuces, Joker) Poker is a casino table game where players play against a house dealer. The objective of course is for the player to have a higher poker hand than the dealer in order to win.

The game is played with a standard 52 card deck plus one Joker. The unique offering is that the four Deuces and the one Joker serve as wild cards, which can be substituted for any card to improve the hand.

How DJ Wild Poker is Played

Players must first make (2) equal bets in the Ante and Blind positions. An optional Trips wager is also available which pays if won even if the player loses the hand to the dealer.

Each player and dealer receive joker123 five cards face down.After reviewing the cards, the player makes one of two choices: (1) Fold, forfeiting the Ante and Blind wagers. (2) Make a Play bet at 2X the Ante. The player then tucks the played cards face down under the wager.

The dealer will then reveal his or her cards, and in turn will compare the hand to the players’ hands that made the Play wager.

If the dealer beats the player, the ante, Blind, and Play bets lose. If the dealer and player tie, the Ante, Blind, and Play bets push. If the player beats the dealer, the Ante and Play bets pay even money, and the Blind bet pays according to the following table:

Hand Payout

Five Wilds. 1000/1

Royal Flush 50/1

Five of a Kind 10/1

Straight Flush. 9/1

Four of a Kind 4/1

Full House 3/1

Flush 2/1

Straight 1/1

All Other Push

Optional Trips Bet

The Winning Trips wager pays according to the poker value of the player’s hand providing the player has at least 3 of a Kind. There are two separate pay tables, one without and one with wild cards. Payout amounts may vary between jurisdictions. Here is a common table:


Royal Flush – 1000/1

Straight Flush – 200/1

Four of a Kind – 90/1.

Full House – 40/1

Flush – 25/1

Straight – 20/1

Three of a Kind – 6/1


Five Wilds – 2000/1

Royal Flush – 100/1

Five of a Kind – 100/1

Straight Flush – 30/1

Four of a Kind – 6/1

Full House – 5/1

Flush – 4/1

Straight – 3/1

Three of a Kind – 1/1

Another optional upgrade wager that’s available in some jurisdictions is the Two Way Bad Beat. (A bad beat is when you get beat and get paid.) In this option the player must have Three of a Kind or better without a tie. If the player loses to the dealer. The pay table pays the following:

Royal Flush – 10,000/1

Five of a Kind – 10/000/1

Straight Flush – 5,000/1

Four of a Kind – 500/1

Full House – 400/1

Flush – 300/1

Straight – 100/1

Three of a Kind – 9/1

Strategy and House Edge

Strategy for this game is to raise with any pair of 4’s or better, otherwise fold. The house edge is calculated at about 3.5%.

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Stakes in wagering suggest wagering of a whole with a point of winnin

Stakes in wagering suggest wagering of a whole with a point of winning an alluring aggregate. By and by flexibility in stakes, a pgslot player fathoms the chance to investigate an arrive at that is all things considered set several pennies and numerous dollars. This cautious benefit is in like manner available in land-based betting clubs, anyway in online stages, the versatility is higher.

Put forward clearly, duplicate groups are swarms who are likely going to be enthusiastic about your club versatile game since they take after your present customer base.

Do whatever it takes not to feel that after some essential application store improvement tips for compact games will accomplish the work.

You apparently unquestionably understand that eye getting visuals are essential – your game’s image, trailer, screen catches. Picking the right game title, watchwords, and depiction is furthermore central.

The aggregate of that is alright, anyway you need to make it one step further.

advancing a club game application store upgrade

Application Store Optimization is a Science, Not Art

Maybe than doing secret, you need to look at what your adversaries are doing and test everything.

Regardless of the way that ASO requires creative mind, everything decreases to science and data.

Modelers might be convinced the arrangement is incredible, yet testing can show they weren’t right. Contingent upon your faculties is definitely not a sagacious framework concerning ASO.

We ought to acknowledge game images for example.

You have probably seen that most club convenient game images look pretty relative. Pictures of splendid gaming machine reels, playing a game, and a general Las Vegas-esque vibe is inescapable.



By virtue of the heist in The Dark Knight the Joker is clearly

By virtue of the heist in The Dark Knight the Joker is clearly, the senior privateer. Yet, since he’s the Joker, he finds a strategy for playing the joker gaming game where he gets all the money and the aggregate of his comrades wrap up face down with a shot in their backs.

The Games People Play

The Joker from The Dark Knight

Basically every move the Joker makes in The Dark Knight has an equivalent imperative supporting.

defeats the Joker, Batman’s persistent rule against executing ensures a future

play-trade for both of them (a continuation). In light of everything, play is simply possible

if there are rules, reason, and solicitation from which that play grants escape: play

without the obstruction of solicitation ends up being basically unrest, not play in any way shape or form the

“leaking” without the “laughing” of the Joker’s point of view.

Thusly, when the Joker promptly recognizes the effects of TITAN, allowing himself

to be changed into a physical-similarly as mental monster for the

game’s last battle, he attacks what he has been trying all through

Arkham Asylum. Influenced by TITAN, the Joker gives up his circumstance of control and play, entering the field of ergodic reasonability typified

in the player-character’s predominance of the game’s fight mechanics. At the point when the

last “supervisor fight” begins, the player-character relies upon the capacities he has

learned in an expected fight progression that falls by and large inside gaming

shows. By consenting to meet Batman on his own terms, the Joker has

rejected the solitary thing that gave him any power taking everything into account, the Joker’s unbiased

in controlling Batman isn’t to obliterate Batman, yet to propel him “to see

the world through my eyes.”



The New NFL Blitz!

Are you ready to play some football? The popular NFL Blitz game has been upgraded, and released. The newly released game is definitely action packed. In high definition, the game is available as a download for PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live. If you enjoyed earlier versions of this game, then you will thoroughly enjoy playing this new version. Get ready for some great football entertainment.

NFL Blitz…New Features!

Fans of NFL Blitz will enjoy the new features this game has to offer. Each quarter is two minutes long with the clock stopping after each play. blitzdmagazine So actually your play time is longer. The main new feature is The Blitz Gauntlet. Playing in the Blitz Coliseum, you can battle against every NFL team out there. So go ahead and beat those Cowboys with a 7 on 7 match up. Listen to those bone crushing hits, and enjoy the fun celebrations. If you want to play online in a head to head competition, then Blitz Battle is for you. Rank yourself up to the National battle board, all the way to the Blitz Hall of Fame. And yes NFL Blitz fans the game still has the addicting parts of the game just like the earlier versions. The only thing missing is late hits. This new upgraded version of NFL Blitz does not have late hits in the game. However, you do play with the top players and in all 31 NFL stadiums. Another feature is the Blitz store. When you play online, you earn Blitz Bucks. You can use these Blitz Bucks to purchase items in the store to customize your Blitz Elite team, and your Blitz Battle team. Purchase logos, and banners for your Blitz teams, as well as 50+ upgrades, cheats, power ups and visual enhancements. Play online, build those Blitz Bucks up, and create your teams the way you like. And like earlier versions of the game, Tim Kitzrow along with Brian Haley provide your play by play action with their humorous commentary.

Our Take On NFL Blitz!

If you are a football fan, and a gamer, then this is the game for you. Invite your friends over for some head to head action, or go online, and play with other opponents. Either way, you will be quite satisfied with all the action this game provides. This is a must have game for all football fans. As previously stated, for now this game is only available as a download for PlayStation Network, or Xbox Live for only $14.99. You get a lot of game with tons of action for one low price. This game will certainly be a hit with you, and your friends. So what are you waiting for? Download the new NFL Blitz, grab the controls, and let’s play some football!

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