Why You Should Be Betting on the USA to Win the Hockey Gold in 2010

Team Canada might get all the press attention but that’s not to say they’re home and hosed just yet. There are multiple teams stepping up this year to take on the Canucks on their home turf and who’s to say that the marauding Americans from just south don’t have the power to shake up the competition for the better?

While the USA might not have done much Internationally since their 2002 Salt Lake City experience, they do have the team this year to put some serious pressure on the Canadians, Fins and Swedes. Ryan Kessler, who’s plays for the Canucks who are dominating the North West Division at the moment is in full stride. Carving out dozens of points this year and putting himself in the running for best 2 way Centre in League again after an incredible performance last season.

He’s got some great young talent around him too. And there’s no doubt that the Team USA Blueline will be out for blood. And lining up against the like of Pronger and Neidermayer in the Semis should be fuel for the young blueline’s fire.

But when push comes to shove, bluelinelocksmith the real reason to have your money on the USA is right at the back. Ryan Miller. The man is a machine. This has been by far his best season with the Buffalo Sabres. It’s unlikely that his form will end anytime soon. Barring a Ryan Miller injury it’s probably safe to say that Team USA will have the Tournament’s best goaltender. A Luxury that they will most certainly be trying to capitalize on.

Remember, if you’re going to be throwing money at olympic hockey betting it’s important to choose a quality betting agency. We won’t list any here, but be careful that you’ve supported a quality brand.

Yes. Everyone thinks they’re going to win. Yes. The bookmakers have them at the shortest odds. Yes. They have an incredible lineup that none of the other teams should be able to shoulder up to. No. You should not put any money on Team Canada to win the Gold at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Why? Here’s why!

1. Dion Phaneuf – Parties too much. Has been known to be distracted by meagre things, especially girls.

2. The Blueline. It’s bloody old. Pronger and Niedermayer for starters. They won’t have it at the back end of the tournament. And the younbg guys who will be playing as backups don’t have the experience to match it with the world’s best on the biggest stage in Witner Sports. Not by a long shot.

3. Coaching. Suspect as best. Anyone who leaves Daniel Briere off Team Canada needs their head checked. Go back and think boys. Better yet, maybe look in the mirror long and hard after the team goes down sometime in the Quarter final rounds.

4. Distractions. The Fans will hurt them. Not help them. Too much pressure on Roberto “Bobby Lu” Luongo and Martin “For Sure” Brodeur will be the final kicker. And when those two don’t step up and cover the blueline, who will? Yeah sure…Jonathan Toews? Right…


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