Leather Jewelry Boxes Made For Travel

When thinking about leather jewelry boxes, I first pictured something with a Harley Davidson logo on it. But that’s not the case and there are many choices when it comes to leather jewelry boxes. Speaking of cases, one very cool leather box is the Marilyn Leather Jewelry Case. Listed for around $50 most places online, it works great for traveling. What makes it so unique is the leather color, it’s powder blue and has darker leather with crocodile textured accents. Pretty cool! For under $100, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Moving up the price range, we have the Milano Leather Jewelry Box that runs about $75. This box will carry quite a bit with its small size, yet has many of the options for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets found in some of the larger boxes. Again this one can be found with powder blue trim/accents on the lid and inside and the base and rest of exterior are darker leather. Milano makes many different types of jewelry boxes and travel cases, so you need to look around for this one, but for the price it’s one of our favorites.

For those who like a little more rustic look, there’s the Cheyenne Leather Jewelry Box. What’s so cool about this box is it looks like a little suitcase yet is still quite stylish. Retailing for around $55, again this is a great gift idea for under $100! The exterior of the Cheyenne Leather box is covered with light tan suede and is accented with darker leather on the sides and top. Inside it is all light tan suede. Another awesome feature of this box is the large vanity mirror inside the lid. We say large, because compared to mirrors inside other boxes, it takes up most of the surface area inside the lid.

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