Full Service Networking

Back in the day, customers who bought gas had an option of “Self Service” or “Full Service” at the gas station. If a driver decided to do Self Service, they would pump their own gas and pay in the store front. If a driver wanted to do Full Service, an attendant would pump the gas for them, do slight maintenance on the car (ie clean windshield, etc.), collect the money from the driver and process the payment. The same rules can apply towards networking. There can be a “Self Service” and a “Full Service” way to networking.

Listed below are ways that savvy networkers can utilize this unique approach to connect, build trust and develop their networks.


Whether you attend an event, connect online or make phone call, be intentional in your introductions to others. Take time to research and find commonalities among the individuals you would like to connect. Use words and terms which resonate with everyone. Show the value and benefits of merging networks and doing quality business.

Follow Ups

Once you have established the connection, make sure that you follow up and to keep the ball rolling. Both parties should have each others contact info and be able to further connect. As the connector, provide an atmosphere for a call to action. This is an excellent way to demonstrate accountability and responsibility.


Now that you have done your due diligence as the connecting networker, allow the individuals which you connected to give you feedback on their experiences. It could be through a testimonial, it could be an email or phone call. Hopefully, those individuals who were connected can share how you were instrumental in helping them succeed or do business the proper way.

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