The player fishes in mission for notoriety as a fisher named Billy

The player fishes in mission for notoriety as a fisher named Billy. The game mechanics เกมยิงปลา  include three minigames: projecting the fishing line, getting fish, and shooting the fish in the air.[3] The player projects the line and tendencies the contraption to keep a fundamental partition from the fish as the catch sinks. In the wake of catching a fish, the catch climbs and the player slants the gadget to get in any case many fish as could be allowed gone to the surface. Above water, the fish are dispatched into the air, and the player taps the screen to shoot the fish out of the sky to get cash before they fall into the water.[4] The fish vary in credits including swim plan and the measure of shots required.[5] Shooting jellyfish diminishes the absolute income.[6] There are four phases, each with its own visual and sound subject and sensational fish,[4] and a wearisome mode where players can seek after the most basic score.[7] Earnings can be spent in a store towards energetic updates, for example, longer fishing line length, safe drills, unimportant covers, more critical guns,[4] managing instrument draws, a hair dryer and toaster oven (to pulverize coincidental catches),[7] fuel for the managing contraption, and a tie for more undeniable income.[8] There is likewise a Fish-o-pedia in Billy’s telephone that offers advancing association hints and tracks nuances, for example, fish got, which is the progress for opening new levels.[5] There are no in-application purchases.[7] Design Award and was their iPhone round of the year. Specialists saw Vlambeer’s battle against the duplicate of their game and lauded the game’s equilibrium and both visual and game-plan.

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