Lightsaber Hilts – Info and Tips For Those

For most people, as soon as they decide to build a custom lightsaber they pretty easily find which color they want for the blade. It’s either their favorite color or just a really bright shade. But don’t get all caught up with that. The blade is the simplest part! The challenge in learning how to build a lightsaber is creating the lightsaber hilts.

When you set out to build your first one, there are really only two things you need to have:

1. An idea.

2. A means of building the idea.

That’s it, That’s all you need to know.

This article will be focusing on the first requirement. The idea.

Unfortunately people spend too much time trying to either make their hilt perfect, hiltonheadmedctr or they just can’t find the appropriate info that they need to begin the building process. So, for the sake of clarity, your first hilt will not be perfect or the best because you’re just starting. This is a good thing because as you create completely diverse hilts you’ll come to realize that each one is special and has it’s own touch and was well worth the energy.

Your first one may turn out to look more like a drainage system and if this happens just go find some pictures of lightsabers and find what yours is missing and where improvement is needed.

Many people have seen the Star Wars movies but if you ever took time to notice the lightsaber hilts then you would realize that each one had a hidden message. Each one was built to reflect the owner’s themselves. Luke’s first lightsaber was from his father so this doesn’t count. However, his second one added the rogue, roughness, which befitted his character. Just looking at it you can tell the handle says Tatooine farm-boy meets Jedi. And that’s just one example, if you look, you’ll find all lightsabers say something about their owners.

So, taking this into thought brings up the question: What material are you? Do you think you’re a new-looking polished chrome handle? Or would you be a more ancient looking stressed copper pipe? Are you even a lightsaber hilt made from metal? PVC can be worked with much more easily. Plus there’s the added bonus of plastic being lighter and cheaper than metal. The best thing you can do is to keep your mind open as you browse a hardware store as you never know what you may decide to use as a pommel or a emmiter.

As a general rule any material can be used for the handle and attachments as long as the handle is cylindrical or can be made into that shape, and the attachments fit well.

Keep in mind, if you wish to make your lightsaber hilt slimmer, you may have to give up making the blade light as the electronics might not fit.

Josiah is the owner of [] and The Lightsaber Project. The project’s function is to help beginners learn the ropes of lightsaber building.

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