Information is FREE… it’s available everywhere… there is a massive amount of it on every topic in the world available at your fingertips. So why do you need me… or why do I need you?

In reality, we do need new information created because there are new technologies and new innovations coming out every day… this is not the information I am talking about. I am talking about the “re-packaging” of existing information and publishing it again, and again, and again. Do we really need to see more information about the same products and services… they haven’t changed, only the marketers have dressed up the information to make it look like it is new information… it’s not. The product is the product as the service is the service. We get it… and we don’t need it repeated 50 times.

But what we do need more of is YOU… your INSIGHTS… your PERSPECTIVE… your PERSONALITY… your EXPERIENCE with the products and services that will help us make better use of these and help all of us SAVE MORE TIME. This is what we need more of… but for some reason it is hard to get… it’s just easier for marketing to “spin the information” in different ways and tell us it’s different.

I am an active blogger… averaging 5 days per week… plus posting on places like LinkedIn, Medium, and other sources… including writing articles and of course giving lots of speeches. With that volume of content going out, do you think for a minute I could take basic information and spin it 30 different ways every month… 365 days of the year? Not a chance… everyone would not only stop reading but they would disconnect from everything I ever published if I trashed them this frequently with the same information over and over and over again. This is NOT what your audience wants from you…

What they get from me are my INSIGHTS… my PERSPECTIVES… my EXPERIENCES… my VIEWPOINTS on the information. It’s what they constantly tell me they APPRECIATE hearing… different ways to look at something that they can identify and connect with.


When I help build a “content and communication strategy” for a CEO, it is never about how can we get more information to dump on their trusted audience. If we did, they would all call up the CEO and ask them what the heck they were wasting their time with all this information. But when we take this information and the CEO puts their experiences and insights behind it… IT BECOMES INCREDIBLY VALUABLE. Now everyone wants to read it and learn

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