Lose Your Mind – Find Clarity

In my humble opinion, what’s missing on the way to clarity – and why so many business owners struggle to have it – will surprise you.

You must lose your mind.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could set your mind aside now and again and be infused with the creativity that created flowers, the sea, life? (Technically you can with psychedelics, but I try to run above board here at BMM.)

How else to lose or set aside our minds to get out of the same way of thinking, the rut that limits us from getting to those right words, that clear vision?

Start by taking the onus off getting something right and letting all of your personas have a say. We are many versions of the one we think of as us, no?

Just the other day a client said, “If I wasn’t worried about being true to my brand I’d say it this way.” Two things are possible here; her brand isn’t really true to whom she is in business or that she hasn’t fully fleshed out her brand to include a part of her that has some strong – and possibly important – ideas.

I say let them in.

Or in the case of getting to clarity, let them out. Invite all of the don’t-match-my-brand thoughts, crazy ideas, radical rants, and passionate adult language into the conversation.

What will this provide you and how the heck does it lead to clarity?

It provides you with possibilities you wouldn’t have come up with while trying to get clear on your message. It allows you to release your pent-up not-for-prime-time screed privately. When you see the thoughts you’d rather not air in black and white you may find a gem.

When we are in “find the clear message mode” we judge without ceasing. Free to be you and me and say everything we feel, with the judge-o-meter in the off position, empties the mind of the thoughts begging for our attention

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