Jeep Soft Top Maintenance and Cleaning


You love your Jeep but you must love your Soft Top! The elements are harsh on your Soft Top rain, mildew, UV rays, heat, bird droppings, tar, tree sap & plenty of other things. The Jeep owners love the outside, they love the sun but the sun is not nice to our Soft Tops. The UV rays of the sun cause the fabric to fade, threads to fail, & our vinyl windows to yellow, crack & fade. For these reasons they must spend a tiny time & hard work on your Tops. If you care for your Soft Top it will last for plenty of years to come, if you made an investment on a Jeep Bikini Top as your alternate top for the summer months don’t neglect it. toptrendpk Your Jeep Bikini Top needs care & maintenance & what is surprising is that a couple of minute spent on your Jeep Bikini Top will extend the life & improve the look.


You ought to maintain your Top upkeep on a regular basis, different times of the year may need more upkeep than others, as well as the age of your Soft Top. As a general rule you ought to be applying protectants every 30 to 90 days depending on the factors already mentioned. There’s two areas you ought to be concentrating on when it comes to your Jeep Top. The two areas are:

1)The fabric,
2)The Windows &
3)The Zippers. The first one are obvious but sometimes the zippers get ignored until it is late. You need to purchase a oil to keep the zippers in full working order. The two products you are going to need are Cleaner, Protectant, Polisher & Oil.

*Applying Protectants

Soft Tops look like they are made of canvas but in reality they are made of PVC made to be flexible by adding “Plasticizers”. Acrylic, polyester, cotton blends & other synthetics are woven to form your Soft Top. These fabrics are treated with water repellant chemicals since they are thought about as breathable fabrics. As with any Top with time you may encounter a break down of the fabric & experience leaks. Applying protectants on a regular basis will extend the life of the top & prevent an early onset of leaks. The protectants are going to assist the functionality as well as the look of the Soft Tops by safeguarding your Jeep Soft Top from rain, UV rays, mildew & heat.

*Garaging When ever possible

This next topic may seem like a no-brainer but because of the free-wheeling mindset of the Jeep owner some times it goes on unmentioned. Two of the best ways to protect your Jeep Soft Top is to garage your Jeep. By garaging your Jeep you are reducing the exposure to the elements. This does not mean that you can skip your Top maintenance but it does mean that you are buying time. Keep it in mind whenever possible even if you don’t have a home garage you can garage your Jeep at the mall, the doctors office or work. When you are out take a few minutes to look around before you park & see if the facility offers garage parking. Take advantage of the chance & garage your Top.


The most important point is to purchase the right products, secondly you ought to take some time to read the instructions & follow them closely. A number of the trusted brands to think about are Bestop, Raggtop & Mopar. These brands offer the products you need, Cleaner, Protectant, Polisher & Oil. When purchasing your Soft Top maintenance products these are brands that have been around a long time, & they know through testing how to keep you Jeep Soft Top in great shape.


Bestop is a long standing brand that makes Jeep Soft Tops, Bikini Tops, Safari Tops Windjammer & Duster Combos. Since they make Soft Tops they understand the necessary upkeep. They offer a Cleaner & Protectant Combo Pack that includes everything you need for your Jeep Soft Top, a Cleaner, Protectant & Polisher for your windows. You will still need to purchase the Zipper Cleaner/Lubricant.

RaggTop offers a one Pack with Cleaner & Protectant but you will still need to purchase the Window Polisher & the Zipper Cleaner/Lubricant. Mopar has the best Zipper Cleaner & Oil product for your Jeep Soft Top. The Cleaner/Lubricant works on all types of zippers, plastic & metal. The bottle has a special brush that lets you remove dirt & deposits lodged in the zipper channel & applies the oil as well. Don’t Forget Your Zippers!!!


because your Jeep Top looks like canvas it doesn’t mean it is, Right? They discussed this historicallyin the past so don’t tidy your Soft Top with regular household products. Never use Bleach, Detergents, Ammonia or Alcohol based products. These product will deteriorate your top & reduce the quality & life of you Soft Top. *Wash your Soft Top at least one times a month or when you notice dust or dirt collecting. *Make sure the shampoo/cleaner you use does not contain oils. Oil will act as a dust magnet. As long as you stick to the trusted products your Jeep Soft Top will be protected.

*Use a Soft bristle brush to get grime & dirt loose from the surface.

*Make sure you rinse thoroughly all residues away to insure will the life of Top. *When cleaning the windows, tidy them left to right or right to left so that you don’t scratch the surface. Make sure you rinse the windows thoroughly. *Apply Soft Top Protectant, do this in the shade so that the Protectantdoesn’t dry out allowing you the time you need to spread it around. Apply it in a circular or crisscross motion. *When applying the cleaner to the Windows make sure you use a soft terry cloth or a cotton rag & apply the cleaner inside & out.

You made an investment on your Jeep Top, Bikini Top, Safari Top or Windjammer Duster Combo, now protect it. Make sure you get the industry trusted products from Bestop, RaggTop & Mopar, follow the instructions & keep a maintenance schedule.

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