Laptop Categories – The Differences

Mainstream laptops

Your mainstream laptop category is made up of your average do it all system with a 15.4 inch widescreen display, weighing in at around the 3-4 kilo mark. It’ll have a wifi card a few usb ports and about 512mb ram.

Designed primarily for the average home user, doing a little internet surfing, a little homework, and a bit of msn’ing. But still portable enough to lug it around with you.

Replace that desktop

The desktop replacement is a heavy old beastie, managing to do most things the desktop system it replaces can, thedogman albeit not quite as well, but still capable of holding it’s head above water on 90% of tasks. It’ll probably weigh in at around 7-8 kilos, and you probably wouldn’t want to lug it to work every day, but moving it around the house shouldn’t be a problem.


The smallest of the laptop designs, these babies rarely have an internal CD rom, it’s all about small form factor and ultra lightweight, If your on the road a lot and don’t want to be bogged down with a 17″ screen monster, then these little babies are your best friend. They typically have a 10-12″ widescreen display, enough battery life to last between hotel rooms, and plenty of computing power for today’s mobile professional.

Business Notebooks

More of a general category in that it encompasses everything, from ultraportables to monster systems, but with the emphasis on extra durability, longer battery life, and increased security features than that found in mainstream consumer laptops.

Targeted securely at mobile professionals they usually come with a professional price to match.

Gaming monsters

Usually having the fastest processors and the greatest memory, with ultra powerful graphics cards, these babies aren’t usually too hot on batttery life. But for 3D gaming you won’t get a better notebook. They work pretty well as media centre’s too.

Be warned tho’ don’t expect them to outperform a desktop of similar price, it’s just not going to happen, and their shelf life if you just must have the latest games, will be around 1 year before you find it struggling to keep up.

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