Considering Comments, Compliments and Courtesy on Articles, Authors and Attributes

Many news websites and article websites, where people go to get information are now allowing for more reader interaction. They do this for a couple of reasons; first, it makes the consumers more loyal and second, it gives them a voice, while enhancing their Online Experience.

Unfortunately, for website managers it is a double-edged sword, as often the review or comment posts are anything but complimentary and often turn into debris unbecoming of a professional website. Regarding the comments on a top online article submission site, having this feature is a pretty good idea. But having a policy to protect the integrity of the site is too and that all makes sense.

As a prolific online writer and an avid reader, I often read articles by other authors all the time. One of the top websites where I post and read, I review no less than ten per day. Sometimes I get hooked on a superb author and read all their articles sometimes, which takes quite a while. Like you perhaps, I will often rate them, if good or great, if not I generally stop reading them and click out.

If someone is really good and on the money, I leave a comment. It is easy to make a few mistakes when typing into a little box and a bad comment detracts from the website and the poster as well, no one likes to look stupid on the Internet for failing to use spell check. There is a fix for this. Some comment sections on news sites, show you what you posted for approval and give you a chance to read what you wrote and accept or not.

It is amazing the things you might catch if you do this, this would eliminate much of the bad grammar or bad spelling errors. But in the end, it is a real person who is less than perfect. If you choose to make your article, news, blog or information website more interactive with features that allow readers to compliment or comment, then perhaps you might consider this.


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