Your Article Resource Box – An Easy Money Making Idea

If you know what article marketing is, then you know your article resource box is the place to make money. The catch is that you only have a small amount of space in which to entice the reader into further action. You must also abide by the submission guidelines of the article directory where you are submitting your article as you entice readers into action. There’s more than one easy money making idea to be taken advantage of with your article resource box.

One super easy money making idea that many people just flat overlook is making sure the links in your article resource box are correct. Although it seems to be a bit too simplistic in nature to even be addressed, just imagine how much traffic could bypass your site if you accidentally fat-fingered your web address as you typed and didn’t catch the mistake. Every reader that is interested in your website or product finds themselves unable to get more information because of an invalid link. Lost visitors equal lost revenue.

Another easy money making idea is to link your articles to the newsletter subscription page on your website. Newsletter sign-ups are a great way to interact with with your readers on a regular basis. This will also build an e-mail list for potential sales at a later date.

If you have a freebie that you can give to your readers, then you might want to include the download link in your article resource box. Free reports can build credibility with readers and website visitors alike, but only if the information is truly useful and relates to your niche article. This is an easy money making idea in that it will build a more trusting relationship with your readers and they will be more likely to be repeat visitors and repeat customers.

Build the SEO strength of your website with anchor text URLs. Use the keywords of your website as the highlighted links in your article resource box. Use this easy money making idea with care. Overdone, it will put your readers off and have the opposite effect that you intended.

Your article resource box can be an excellent source of revenue. Article Marketing is an easy money making idea that is fun and doesn’t cost you a dime to get started.

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