Wine Not Recycle? Top Ten Uses For Recycled Wine Bottles

Wine drinkers rejoice! Many health experts will agree that moderate wine consumption can actually be good for you. Well guess what- it can also be good for the planet! In recent years creative minds from across the globe have revolutionized the budding world of fine wine design. In this article we explore our top 10 recycled wine bottle products. Just leave it to you wine drinkers to come up with these strange and wonderful creations…

I. Barbeque: My personal favorite Designer bottles uk example of wine bottle recycling is a beautiful outdoor barbeque by This is featured in their ‘Libation Sensations’ gallery.

II. Chandelier: A close second is this stunning chandelier design featured on How cool is that? On their website they have a detailed tutorial explaining how to make one of these.

III. Wine Walls: An organic winery in Western Australia recently became the recipient of a $20,555 AUD grant from that state’s Sustainable Energy Development Office for this beautiful structure. Interestingly enough water can store more energy hot or cool then any other material currently used. The structure is composed of about 13,500 wine bottles.

IV. Cheese Trays: Turning now to smaller portable inventions we have the ever so tasteful and well suited wine bottle cheese tray. Need I state the obvious connection here? These are available at along with other recycled wine bottle products.

V. Decorative Vases: Wine bottle vases are fairly common around the internet but these ones found at display an uncommon degree of artistic sensibility. I challenge you to find a superior wine waste based vase anywhere. (I also challenge you to say that 3 times fast)

VI. Table Lamps: We found a couple of sites featuring wine bottle lamps floating around the vast sea of cyberspace. However these beautiful selections from are clearly superior in form. I think it’s very important when choosing a lamp that you include a proper shade. Also their choice of bottle shapes is very fitting for lampcraft. I would raise a toast to the talented craftsmen responsible for these inebrient accents.

VII. Hummingbird Feeders: “Honey the birds have been running into the windows a lot lately.” We suggest you make sure and drink all of the the contents before using bottles for this particular application. After all, it doesn’t take much to get a hummingbird tipsy. But seriously, the great thing about these is you can make them yourself, and also combine your love of wine with your love of nature! Learn to make your own or get them already made at

VIII. Glasses: Wine glasses, (not in the traditional sense) are only made by a handful of companies. Wine Punts, a Colorado based company makes a particularly high quality product in their Colorado Springs workshop. They make and inspect each cup by hand and recycle the top half of the bottle. Go to their website to pick up a set of these fine wine dining glasses.

IX. Wine Chimes: Wine bottle windchimes, yes… wine chimes will provide a beautiful ring to your afternoon while you sit out on the porch and enjoy the contents of a not yet recycled bottle. While wine bottle wind chimes can be found, this set of chimes are truly one of a kind. As a glass laymen, I can only speculate as to how the artist went about crafting this clever piece- available at Etsy in C2 designs personal shop (they make other cool stuff as well)

X. Wine Glass Jewelry: So your sitting out front of your wine bottle house, cooking on your wine bottle barbeque, listening to your glass wind chimes, drinking a glass of wine out of your wine glass glass, watching the hummingbirds eat out of the bird feeder, and company is about to arrive. What do you do? Slip on some wine glass jewelry of course! In truth their is quite a bit out there… I found three sites in five minutes, but this one was my favorite. So there you have it, isn’t it amazing how many ways you can reuse one object? There is so much more beyond what I could list in this article and I’m sure you can probably come up with a few yourself. Until next time, Congratulations on your libation creations and keep up the fine wine design!

For pictures of the products featured in this website and direct links to the people responsible for these wonderful creations check out wine bottle recycling on our website!

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