Top Stub Checks

Although people use checks less frequently, checks are still a great choice for a lot people and even businesses. Checks have a lot of benefits over automatic withdrawal, like a debit card or ACH transaction.

A small “float” period from writing the check to actual withdrawal is one option. If you have a cash flow problem, this “float” may be a life saver.

Checks also provide an easy method for record keeping and balancing your account. Top stub checks are check format designed to help with record keeping. A top stub check has a convenient little tab at the top of each check that allows you to easily record the check transaction (date, time, amount, etc.). The top stub also allows you to keep a running total of your bank account, so you don’t end up with a cash flow problem. Also, depending on the check you may have options on the stub for identifying the transaction as “tax deductible.”

Most people make the mistake of re-ordering their checks from their bank. While this might be convenient, it only insures that you have paid too much and will be using a boring blue check.

Ordering checks online is the best way to get checks for a lot less than you are paying through your bank. In some cases up to 50% less. Plus, you can choose from a lot of great designs including cartoons, art, religious, animals, or just beautiful scenery.

Ordering top stub checks online is safe. The check ordering process is done via a secure server so that your private information is kept private. In addition to being less expensive and designed for you, the top stub checks that you receive will meet or exceed all of the quality standards used by your bank’s printer. You will receive your checks in the mail, just like from your bank.

If you are looking for top stub checks or a convenient check format, ordering checks online is a great way to save time and money, without sacrificing quality.

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