Stylish Tiny Laptops Find Their Niche

It is almost unthinkable to be left stranded without a computer. Millions of people enjoy the incredible versatility that is part of owning a portable computer. Fortunately, technology now allows millions to be online, to communicate and to work from their portable computers. It is not at all unusual to see people in coffee shops, restaurants and bus stations busy working or playing with their computers. It is perfectly possible to work anywhere in the world. The newest addition to this trend toward portability is the new generation tiny laptops.

These computers, also called netbooks, have become extremely popular. Many people find traditional laptop computers cumbersome to lug around and they cannot be used efficiently in small spaces. Netbook computers offer fast reliable computing. They are light and can be used literally anywhere. It would be a mistake to relate the size of these netbooks to their computing power. They are fully fledged computers in every sense. Many people find laptop computers too heavy to carry everywhere and battery technology does not allow for long stretches of activity without mains supply. Netbooks now offer battery life of up to ten hours.

It is not only traditional computers that are threatened by these newcomers. Many people who have previously accessed the Internet from their telephones now also prefer these devices. Regardless of how smart phones have become, too many find their minuscule keys onerous and the display screens just too small for proper productivity.

While tiny laptops combine the best features of both smart phones and laptop computers, they inevitable have their own unique drawbacks. Many people struggle with the small drag pads that substitute for a mouse. They do not feature compact disk drives, which may be a problem for some users. Tiny laptops are generally somewhat slower than the average laptop. It is also difficult to navigate in large documents that require vertical and horizontal scrolling, such as spread sheets.

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