Foundation Course for Civil Services Examination reddit 

Culture, current affairs, economy, geography, history, mental ability, polity, science, science and technology are some of the subjects which play a dominant role in the civil services examination. Besides optional subjects, essay writing skills, the candidates are supposed to understand the above mentioned subjects too. Language proficiency papers are of qualifying nature only.

Knowledge, belief, behaviour, together are known as our culture. Languages, food habits, dress styles, festivals etc do come under this category. essay writing service reddit  In some parts of the world, there are people who celebrate harvest festivals by conducting competitions with animals, which they believe and thus known as their culture. Art, dance, literature, music, play or drama, etc do reflect the cultures of varied human civilisations.

Lessons are supposed to be learnt from our past. These include, the lives of our ancient, and the medieval people. Their social, political, economic, cultural lives and also the modes of management of trade, economy, special skills, beliefs, etc will be studied under the head, history.

The freedom struggle or independence movements, how did the leaders plan, what were their attitudes, how did they succeed etc too come under this category.

The basic law of the land is known as constitution. Political administration of the nations of the world are being run according to the constitution. Preamble, fundamental rights, fundamental duties, directive principles of state policy, the roles of president, prime minister, federalism, centre and state relationships, finance commission, etc are incorporated in it. Thorough understanding of the constitution is a must.

The basics should be understood very well. For instance, why do the directive principles of state policy precede the fundamental rights.

The candidates should understand that without executing effective policies, the fundamental rights cannot be enjoyed!. The fundamental rights are meant for our happiness. Hence the policies of the governments should facilitate our happiness.

The current developments in international, national politics and other areas do come under the category of current events. Digestion of everyday news is utmost important. For instance, the developments in relations between two nations, international terrorism, test firing of lethal nuclear weapons by some countries and its impact on the remaining countries of the world, signing of agreements among or between countries of the world, visits by prominent leaders, etc should be understood very well.

Developments in research such as agricultural, bio-technology, defence, engineering, information technology, space, telecommunications, science and technology policies, etc are studied under science and technology head.


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