Bottle Water Cooler Helps Avoid Dysfunctional

Many people have started using bottle water coolers in an effort to overcome having so many small plastic bottles to recycle. Offices also use these coolers in order to provide water to a number of people at a time. Therefore, whether for home or office, these bottle water coolers can not only help to save the planet but money and time as well.

Although there is an ongoing effort  Designer bottles uk to rid the world of small plastic water and other bottles, until such a time comes, a dispenser may just the be answer in finding at least a partial solution. This is because these dispensers can generally hold 3 to 20 gallons at a time in their reservoir or bottle depending on the design of such a unit. Also, when it comes time to refill the bottles, as the bottles are reusable whether glass or plastic, there is no need for recycling or waste involved in same.

With regards to system set-up, there are many type units available today for dispensing water. These can range from counter top units which only hold the water, to electrical designs which both hold and filter the water as it is being processed. Generally, these electric units also provide hot and cold water at the touch of a button and come in both counter top and floor standing models. Therefore, it is good if one can do a bit of research before going to purchase one of these coolers so as to know the pros and cons of each style and design. After which, one can make an educated decision about which dispenser works best for their needs, whether an individual or company.

While there have been a few home water treatments available for years, only recently has reverse osmosis been discovered to clean water to its purest form, after which essential elements can be restored, a few companies have marketable products in this area for the home and office today. The difference between these systems and bottled water coolers, is that no bottles are required. In many the water is processed as delivered through the dispensing system, in other smaller units, individuals can clean a gallon of water at a time by placing the water in the system, plugging it in and letting it go, after which one has a gallon of the cleanest water one can drink. Although such systems still remain quite costly, the smaller of units can be purchased for approximately two to three hundred dollars.

As the effort to drink clean water has been one going on many years, there are also many different types of water available for dispensers today. These can be, distilled, spring or pretreated. All of which provide cleaner tasting water generally than from a tap. Because, although the water in many areas has been tested and shown clean, additional reports have found that chemicals and drug runoff is a problem to most water treatment facilities in the United States, if not world wide. Also, if one is using one of the reverse osmosis systems to clean their water, one can assure that any bad elements in the water have been removed through the process and find that the water is in fact, the cleanest tasting water one has ever had.

Only a few areas have water treatment stores such as one on Northern California, in which the water is ran through reverse osmosis and provided through a variety of faucets for purchasing and refilling the bottles such dispensers use. This water goes through a reverse osmosis process then is filtered to replace the essential elements before being delivered through a selection of faucets. One might think water from such a source would be extremely expensive, however at a dollar and ten cents a gallon, it far from banks the bank to fill up either a three of five gallon jug and is far less costly than buying single serve or larger plastic bottled water at a grocery store. Therefore, for individuals who live in such an area, this is a great blessing, however for those who do not, there is hope through the recent marketing of systems to treat water in the home through reverse osmosis.

One must also decide whether to use glass or plastic jobs with regards to a water bottle delivery system. Many people prefer glass in order to avoid any potential plastic aftertaste whereas others prefer the plastic as they are not as heavy to manipulate or move when placing on the top of a counter-top or free-standing dispenser. To this end, this is a choice that each individual need make for themselves while considering any health risks involved in lifting and moving such bottles as they can become quite heavy when filled with water, especially glass ones.

Therefore, whether using glass or plastic, individuals may seriously want to think about looking at the new bottom loading bottled water dispensers, as these can provide a way to provide excellent tasting clean spring water without the health risks that lifting heavy and sometimes, awkward or bulky items such as these water bottles when filled with water can cause. Therefore, if one has any health risks at all with relation to lifting, it is most likely one seek out one of the new bottom load water coolers to avoid injury to oneself or others in the future.

Also, not only do these new style of bottom load water coolers provide easier access for filling and refilling, they also provide cleaner fresher tasting water than generally comes from the tap. Also, as these bottles are not turned upside down, if one chose to do so, once could use one of these coolers with water one treats through reverse osmosis at home by cleaning the water then replacing it back into the empty water bottle. Thus, allowing one to save a great deal of money over time because one no longer needs to buy bottled water of any size or type, one can simply clean the water at home, pour it into a pitcher or into the dispenser bottles and have some of the cleanest tasting water one has ever had.

Regardless of the model one selects, these bottle water coolers and dispensers are great for easy access to hot and cold water in addition to keeping water cool and fresh tasting over a period of a few weeks. One does want to be careful however to change the water on a regular basis, or the water itself may become stagnant and lose its fresh taste. Therefore, depending on which style water cooler one purchases, one wants to be sure that the amount of water purchased to refill the unit is the amount normally used within a two week period, in order to keep the water tasting as clean and as fresh as possible.

To this end, whichever bottled water cooler, dispenser or water treatment system one decides upon, one need be sure they are capable of handing and lifting the bottles, often which can be quite heavy when filled with water. For example, on a top load water dispenser sitting on top of the counter or standing alone, keeping the unit running smoothly and that the water is changed regularly. Otherwise, one may as well just be drinking tap water which can often host a variety of contaminants as well as additives such as fluoride which is the case in one California town, in which the addition of such fluoride not only prevents individuals from wanting to drink the water but also effects the taste of coffee, tea and other brewed beverages alike. Therefore, these bottled water dispensers can be a great value and have many uses beyond just providing a clean glass of drinking water.

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